News of the week: The Central Academy, Back-End development and quiz for QA

19 Nov, 2021
News of the week: The Central Academy, Back-End development and quiz for QA

Hey friends! This week was quite busy and we have a lot of cool news for you. We are happy to announce the launch of The Central Academy, the result of the hard work of our extremely talented professionals. They have created an environment where everyone can get into the world of technology from scratch.

What is an academy?

The Central Academy is a community for learning and developing in the field of information technology. Here you will be able to realize your potential and find like-minded people. Currently, there are three courses available at the academy:

• technology and programming

• marketing and management

• design course

You can choose the direction you like most and begin your studies. It doesn’t matter if you have a specialized higher education or experience, because an academy is the perfect balance between theory and practice. The knowledge you gain will be your foundation for a successful start in the IT industry. Therefore, do not waste time, go to the academy!

In addition, Oleg Garcushenko, a specialist at Israel IT, recently shared interesting information about Back-End development. He described in detail the role, responsibilities and skills required at each level of the profession. Interested? Go to and find out more!

Still haven’t seen our quiz for QA? No, no, it won’t work like that! Today is Friday, which means it’s time to lighten thigs up with something interesting. Therefore, be sure to follow the link and check your testing skills.


Don’t forget that we are actively growing and always glad to see new team-mates. Check out vaccancies!

Have a nice weekend!