TikTok, Developers’ Chat & Senior.ua

31 Aug, 2021
TikTok, Developers’ Chat & Senior.ua

Hey! And here are the latest Israel IT updates. The last week has been very busy, so we have something to share.

You probably know that we have a TikTok account. So, we strongly recommend that you subscribe, because there will be … You will see soon!

We continue to talk about the professions of IIT People. This time we dealt with the SMM profession, Olena Pokalchuk shared her experience with us. It is her fruits of labor that you see every day in our social networks.

Are you a beginner developer, or do you have a familiar beginner? Let us also contribute to the development, follow the link, or share it with those who may need it – here you will find a checklist for beginners and find out where to start.

We are very happy when authoritative resources publish materials from our specialists! This week Senior.ua published an interview with Anastasia Sainchuk, the recruiter at Israel IT. We talked about trends, market changes, and forecasts.

Always find time to relax, we suggest watching a video from Israel IT and getting to know yourself. Liked? More of these videos are on our YouTube channel.

What is a web designer? Who is a UI / UX designer? And in general, how do they differ? Our art director Oleg Bortnyk told us about all this. The article is here!

Look forward to the latest Israel IT updates next week, see ya!