How to Start an IT Career? Interview with WordPress Developer

10 Aug, 2020
How to Start an IT Career? Interview with WordPress Developer

Today the IT sphere is gaining great popularity among millennials. They are primarily interested in international work experience and competitive salaries. Every IT specialist starts the career with something, and who were they before that? How did they manage to realize themselves in IT, what problems did they face and how did they solve them? Are these people satisfied with their choice, and is everything so sweet in the IT business? But most importantly, how to decide on a profession in IT, relying on your skills? We found out all this with WordPress Developer in Israel IT.

Volodymyr Storozhuk, WordPress Developer
  • How long have you been with IT?
  • I have been working in the IT field for about 4 years, and as a WordPress Developer – about 2. In general, I started working (not in IT) at the age of 18, I wanted to have pocket money so that I could go for a walk with friends. In my first year at university, I got a job, to put it mildly, not at all about IT! I assembled furniture in new buildings, the work did not require special knowledge and skills, they taught everything “in progress”, I worked there for 3 months. Then I quit and worked as a car washer for 2 days. After this experience, I decided that this was enough to decide that I want to work with my brains, not my hands.
  • What is your specialty at the university?
Ukrainian National Forestry University in Lviv
  • I graduated from the Ukrainian National Forestry University in Lviv with a degree in information technology design … When I was already graduating from the university, I learned that in this specialty I could only work at one plant in Central Ukraine (laughs). In general, I had to design special machines at this plant.
  • What did you start doing after university?
  • I graduated from the university in 2014 and returned to my hometown – Chervonograd. There I started working at a school. I was engaged in setting up computers and other equipment, what is now called SysAdmin. It gave me experience, but I clearly understood that it was not right again. Someone said that this job was low-paid, but I wanted the job not only for the sake of money, but for my soul, so that the work would really be pleasant and enjoyable.

I remember my last day at school, symbolically, it was the final bell. An acquaintance called me and offered the position of manager in a ceramics store, I went for an interview the same day. I remembered the interview with psychology tests (laughs), perhaps I would not have changed my place of work, but the ceramics store was closer to home, also, I understood that this was something new for me, like a challenge, and I love challenges! My responsibilities included arranging supplies, conducting trade and a lot of negotiations with clients. Then I realized what those tests were needed for, until now I find this work the most stressful. Not all clients were ready for quiet conversations …

At the same time, my gradual infusion into the IT sphere began, or rather, I began to gain experience, which turned out to be very necessary for me. An acquaintance called me again (it’s useful to have friends, isn’t it?) and offered me cooperation with their small projects. Thus, in parallel, I was a freelancer for another six months, I was engaged in site layout. Then my ambitions grew and I started looking for a job in Lviv.

  • What was your first job at an IT company?
  • I have sent over 50 (!) resumes to different companies to work as a WordPress developer. I was invited for interviews and there were those among them about whom I thought, “Well, they’ll definitely take me there,” and not! I even relaxed a little about my grandiose plans, walked home from work in the evening, they called me with the words that they wanted to conduct an interview and it is possible today. As soon as I came home, I immediately turned on Skype and the interview began, I felt that there would be no business, because I was not ready, and for everything, when they asked about what I can do, I answered “Yes”, then ” No” . The interview lasted 15 minutes maximum, I turned off my laptop and thought, “What was that all about? And how could I say“ No”?!” Half an hour later a call – I was offered this job!

It was a small company where I was essentially trainee WordPress Developer. For a month I had a trial period, but more I was engaged in layout and Front-End, it was experience with WordPress. All this month I lived with my brother while looking for a rented apartment.

The team there was friendly, we managed to find a common language, there were 8 of us in the team and we spent a lot of time together outside of work. The only drawback was the location … It took an hour and a half to get to the office. But even so, I did not plan to leave with this job, I liked it.

  • How did you find the job you are currently working in Israel IT?
  • I remember that I was walking from the store during lunch and an unknown number called me. I picked up the phone, an Israel IT recruiter introduced herself and offered to go through an interview. Of course, I asked how they found me. Everything turned out to be simple – I was found through Linkedin, I updated my profile from time to time. I was interested in the job, because the interview was offered in English (I wondered myself if I could get through such an interview), besides, here and now! And so, I walk from the store and vividly talk with the recruiter in English, and at that time I learned a lot of words from computer games (laughs). And I was invited for a second (technical) interview! I came to the office, but, unfortunately, the person who was supposed to check me for a technical component got sick. The recruiters were not at a loss, they treated me to tea and conducted an interview in the “Tell me about yourself” format, so we talked, I learned a little more about the company and the teams, my technical interview was postponed to the evening in Skype mode. I am lucky enough to have interviews via Skype (laughs). The next morning they sent me a Job Offer. These were the longest my reflections on whether to move to a new job, I’m already used to the old one, this is my trait – I quickly become attached. But I again decided to challenge myself, the work in Israel IT attracted the fact that I needed to work with a new product, very exclusive and I wanted to try. Not the last role was played by the fact that the Israel IT office is located not far from my house, literally 7 minutes and I am there!
  • What was your first month at Israel IT?
Israel IT Corporate Party
  • It’s a funny story. I worked for 3 days, on the weekend we had a corporate party and after that I went on vacation for two weeks (laughs) – the loyalty of the company is off the charts! Two more WordPress Developers came right after me and we started working together, now there are 8 of us.
  • Did you manage to find a common language with the team?
  • I really liked it! At first, there were several people and we created a project together, managed our schedule, developed an action plan. In general, it is very important that the people you work with are like-minded people, and here I am lucky. We brainstorm a lot at work and this applies not only to work issues, but everything. For example, we can talk about a movie or TV show. And it is very cool that each of us is a person, expresses the opinion and at the same time we do not conflict, but vice versa. As for work, we regularly hold meetings, where we discuss what someone doesn’t like or what can be improved and make a common decision, looking for a middle ground, so to speak. I love it when there is a cool team, because when there is a cool team, all problems are solved faster.
  • Are you satisfied with what you are doing now?
  • Yes, I am completely satisfied, there is a main reason for this. I divide IT people into two categories: people who create and people who make money. I belong to those who create and this is a very interesting process, when you start doing something from scratch, doing what you like. You generate your ideas, listen to the ideas of other people, how can you not like it?
  • If you had the opportunity to go back, would you change something?
  • Oh yeah! I would start learning English (laughs). I would have started back in school, because now it is difficult to catch up. English classes at Israel IT help me a lot, a great opportunity to learn the language and work in parallel.
  • Please give me some tips for beginners who want to get into IT.
  • Learn English! Even if you have impeccable working skills, but poor English, then in the interview they may prefer a specialist who is less experienced, but with better English.
  • You do not regret time for your work. This applies primarily to training. It is very important to devote enough time and effort to learning what interests you, the more time you spend learning, the easier it will be for you to work.
  • Don’t put it off until later. If you have completed IT courses and plan to start looking for a job six months after completing them, then you are already late. The IT sphere is developing so dynamically that you only need to drop out of the current for two months and have to learn everything again. Then what is the point of the courses you have taken? And the time has already passed.
Don’t wait, just do it!

It’s real to get into the world of IT, but like any other sphere, IT requires your time, effort and desire. First of all, decide what you like, make every effort to study your specialization and learn English. We, as a company, will create all the comfortable conditions for your start in IT. Comfortable spacious office, individual desks, English lessons, an individual internship program, a development plan, innovative projects, a friendly team and a lot of practice! Learn more about Israel IT!