Corporate Party, Design & PgM

07 Sep, 2021
Corporate Party, Design & PgM

At Israel IT we work fruitfully and have even more fun at the annual corporate party! Even the pandemic did not prevent us from having a great vacation in the Carpathians in the past. Read more about how we managed to do this in quarantine in compliance with all safety rules. This year we also go to the Carpathians (well, we liked it very much) already at the beginning of October! Therefore, be prepared, we will share more details soon. And last year it was like that!

Our art director Oleg Bortnyk spoke about the most necessary skills and knowledge for a UI/UX designer. We talked about how UI differs from UX, what resources are available for learning UI/UX design, and where to get your first job in UI/UX. More on the link.

Sure you’ve all heard of a project manager, but who is a program manager? We dealt with this issue together with Nazar Solnichk and told you about the responsibilities of a program manager, how to find a compromise between the client and the team, as well as how to work with the client and help the client as much as possible. Details here.

We also keep up with modern digital trends and now you will have the opportunity not only to read our articles but also to listen to them! Agree, this is very convenient, you can find out information at the moment when it is convenient for you – from a car salon to public transport. See ya!